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The UTEP Biodiversity Collections originated as departmental teaching and research collections in the early 1960s. Between the mid-1960s and the early 1970s, the collections were formalized under the name Museum of Arid Land Biology (acronym MALB). In 1976, organizational changes instituted by the university resulted in the renaming of the collections and associated activities as the Laboratory for Environmental Biology (acronym UTEP, though locally called the "LEB"). In July of 1993, the Laboratory became associated with the University of Texas at El Paso's Centennial Museum through a memorandum of understanding.  Curated specimens form the base for research by Centennial Museum personnel and faculty curators; by graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Texas at El Paso; and, through loans and visitation, graduate students and professionals from other institutions. The name was changed to UTEP Biodiversity Collections in August of 2012.  Collections primarily are of modern and fossil vertebrate biology (amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals) and have a regional emphasis, but also contain material from outside the Southwest, particularly from Mexico. The research collections are maintained in the Biology Building.

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Biological: Preserved organisms, their parts & products
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Sample Treatment: Fluid preserved
Storage Environment: Ambient controlled (indoors)
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The UTEP-BC attempts to make free access to the collections for professional and student research. Access to the collections must be cleared with the curators. Likewise, provision of work space, equipment, and access to non-label, collection-related data must be approved by curators or their delegates, as must any destructive procedures. Credit for use of specimens and data should be acknowledged in any resultant publications, and a pdf of all such publications transmitted to the collection curator. Arrangement for use of a collection for research should be made well in advance with the appropriate collection curator. Student researchers need to have the request made through a responsible, supervising faculty member. All requests should include the nature of the research and details of UTEP-BC specimen and data access requirements. An estimate of the period of time to be spent at the facility should be made. Loans are under the control of the appropriate curator and collection manager, and authorization will depend on such things as number of specimens requested, condition of specimens, and likelihood of shipping without damage. Requests for loans of specimens should include the nature of the research and, for students, signature of the student’s major professor. Loans normally are for 6 months and may be renewed. Storage of loan material must meet professional standards.
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500 W. University Avenue
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Biology Building #B-222
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El Paso
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