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Queensland has a highly diverse fauna of spiders, mites and other arachnids. Until recently collections focussed on rainforest regions, but attention has turned to dry habitats and coastal forests, yielding many new discoveries.
Our collection contains a diverse range of terrestrial and marine species from northern Australia, as well as specimens from other states, New Caledonia, New Guinea and South-east Asia and islands of the Western Pacific. Collection strengths include:
- ground-hunting araneomorph families including goblin spiders, ant spiders and ground spiders;
- mygalomorph trapdoor, funnelweb and tarantula spiders;
- mites and ticks from Australian mammals, reptiles and birds;
- large collections of harvestmen, centipedes and millipedes;
- scorpions and pseudoscorpions;
- sea spiders from Australia and adjacent regions.
Taxonomic range: Chelicerata, Myriapoda.
Estimated number of specimens: 200,000.

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Biological: Preserved organisms, their parts & products
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Sample Treatment: Fluid preserved
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South Brisbane
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