Biorepository: UOA/HCPF University of Athens/Hellenic Collection of Pathogenic Fungi

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The collection complies with the UN directive on biological diversity as ratified by 150/161 member states (Cartagena protocol; ratified by Greece 24/05/2000).
Aims of the collection are: (a) To preserve and sustain human pathogenic fungi in a metabolic attenuated condition in order to safeguard biodiversity and promote taxonomic, physiological molecular, proteomic and metabolomic studies at a local and international level; (b) promote exchange of strains with other Culture Collections, educational and research institutions; (c) provide locally consultative service for accurate characterization of clinical fungi; (d) organize educational events, such as workshops small group tutorials, for health professionals, veterinarians, scientists and clinical scientists at a national and international level.  
Mission: To sustain and increase resources and infrastructure for the ex-situ preservation of fungi, advance and promote the sciences relevant to fungal pathobiology and virulence through education, advocacy, and scholarly exchange of scientific information.
Services: All provided services and a catalogue of phenotypically and molecularly identified clinical filamentous fungi and yeasts, available for research and educational purposes, are published in the WDCM site ( ). All requests for stains are accompanied by singing MTA agreement, available in English, as recently approved by the Legal Department of the Athens University.
Expertise:  As conveyed by the publication records (Scopus and PubMed). Briefly, taxonomy, pathobiology, immunology, pharmacology, infectious diseases fungal metabolites with biological activity.

  1. (  coordination of global working groups on fungal epidemiology, organization of educational events in Mycology.
  2. The Collection is a European training site for public health Microbiology (EUPHEM), The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).
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Public, Federal: General
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Medical research institute, including hospitals, medical schools
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Medical School
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Mikras Asias 75
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Aristea Velegraki

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Assistant Professor
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Teaching, Research, Director UOA/HCPF
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Health Biomedical Sciences: Microbiology, Bacteriology & Virology
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Mycology, Medical Mycology

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  • International Society for Human and animal MYcology (ISHAM)
  • Molecular Mycology,The Westmead Institute for Medical Research, Sydney, Australia

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School of Medicine, Mikras Asias 75, Goudi
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115 27
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