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Museum of Tropical Queensland
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Queensland Museum is the primary State repository for zoological collections (biodiversity and geosciences), in addition to cultures and histories. Zoological collections of living fauna are located at South Bank in Brisbane and at the Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville. These include dry and alcohol preserved specimens, skeletal preparations, a minus 80 degrees tissue library and DNA extracts. It includes: about 2.5 million specimens or specimen lots of the living fauna; and an irreplaceable collection of over 54,000 type specimens (primary and secondary types), of species from Queensland and adjacent Indo-Pacific regions. The University of Queensland Insect Collection is now incorporated with the Queensland Museum collections.
Fossils, rocks and minerals are located in Brisbane at Hendra. Collections from the Geological Survey of Queensland and the University of Queensland are now incorporated, with over 3,000 fossil type specimens held.

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Biological Sciences: Taxonomy, Biological Sciences: Zoology
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Public, Other
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PO Box 3300
South Brisbane
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Dr John Hooper

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Queensland Museum (Primary Contact)

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+617 3840 7722
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+617 3846 1226
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