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The Natural History Museum of the city of Geneva (MHNG) is the largest museum of natural history in Switzerland, both because of its wide public exhibition areas (permanent and temporary) and because of the size and historical importance of its scientific collections. The research activities reflect the diversity of the eight scientific departments and their collections, which cover most group of invertebrates and vertebrates, extant and fossils, archeozoology, mineralogy and geology. With very active fieldwork schedule on most continents, research at the museum includes comprehensive taxonomic revisions, new taxa descriptions, annotated faunistic lists, phylogeny and phylogeography studies (both morphological and molecular based). These researches are crucial for the understanding and protection of the biodiversity, in Switzerland and world while. Several projects are financed yearly by national or international funds, including the Swiss National Science Foundation, Switzerland's foremost institution in the promotion of scientific research. Meetings and congress are often organized at the museum, and students from several universities receive a complete scientific training in systematic and taxonomy at the museum, based on collection studies and molecular techniques conducted at the museum's own laboratory. Based on its long tradition on the study of bats in Switzerland, the museum houses the Swiss Bat Center which coordinates the protection and study of bats in West Switzerland and holds a large bibliographic database. On top of their scientific activities, all researchers at the museum are involved periodically in the conceptions and renovations of permanent and temporary exhibits.

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Danielle Decrouez

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Museum d'Histoire Naturelle (Primary Contact)

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