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Entered Jan 2012. The Herbarium of Mordovian State Nature Reserve was initially all stored in one plywood cabinet. The fungi, lichens and mosses were stored in thick paper bags in a special plywood box. Today the herbarium collections of vascular plants Mordovian State Nature Reserve has 3216 herbarium sheets in 7 wooden cabinets, each of which is divided into 10 chambers, arranged in two columns. The specimens are arranged in the Englerian system. Most of the herbarium collections were made within the reserve and in adjacent territories. The herbarium reflects the species diversity of flora in the west of Mordovia, with 756 species belonging to 377 genera and 99 families. The macrofungus herbarium has about 1500 specimens and includes about 400 species. It is stored in plastic ziplock bags enclosed in kraft paper bags and is located on the system, adopted in the 9th edition of Ainsworth and Bisbsy's Dictionary of the fungi. There are about 100 specimens of mosses, and about 700 specimens of lichens stored in cardboard boxes.

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Temnikov district, Pushta
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Anatoliy A. Khapugin

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Director of the Herbarium
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Floristics, ecology; taxonomy of <Rosa> (Rosaceae); flora of Central Russia (primary focus); biodiversity systematics

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Mordovian State Nature Reserve (IH Correspondent/Primary Contact)

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[7] 9271889507
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