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Last Namesort descending First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Collection Code Country Research Specialty
Al-Khayat Abdul-Hussain Salahiddin University ARB<IH> Iraq
Al-Mayah Abdul-Ridha University of Basrah BSRA<IH> Iraq Combretaceae; especially American <Terminalia; Buchenavia>; and <Bucida>; Fabaceae; especially <Astragalus; Lathyrus>; and <Vicia>; aquatic plants
Al-Mayah Abdul-Ridha University of Taiz HTU<IH> Yemen Fabaceae; Combretaceae; Rhamnaceae
Al-Musawi Ali University of Baghdad BUH<IH> Iraq Iraqi Solanaceae; Scrophulariaceae; Lamiaceae; Boraginaceae; and Convolvulaceae
Al-Nowaihi A. Ain Shams University CAIA<IH> Egypt Flora morphology; anatomy; numerical analysis; molecular systematics of Fabaceae
Al-Omoush Fatima Al-Bayt University IABH<IH> Jordan Angiosperms
Al-Rubaie Eman University of Basrah BSRA<IH> Iraq Rhamnaceae; especially <Ziziphus; Paliurus>; and <Rhamnus>
Al-Said M. King Saud University KSUP<IH> Saudi Arabia Chemotaxonomy; taxonomy; floras of Saudi Arabia; Arabian Peninsula; and Socotra
Al-Shareef Ahmad National Agriculture and Water Research Center RIY<IH> Saudi Arabia
Al-Shehbaz Ihsan Missouri Botanical Garden MO USA Flora of China; Brassicaceae worldwide, especially South America
Al-Turki Turki Ali King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology MUZ<IH> Saudi Arabia Halophytes; germination behavior
Al-Yahya Mohammed King Saud University KSUP<IH> Saudi Arabia Phytochemistry; chemotaxonomy; taxonomy; floras of Saudi Arabia; Arabian Peninsula; and Socotra
Al-Yemeni Muhammad King Saud University KSU<IH> Saudi Arabia Ecology; weeds
Alam Jan Hazara University HUP<IH> Pakistan Conservation biology; plant diversity of the Karakuram, Hindu Kush, Himalayas; plant taxonomy; herbarium management
Alam Jan University of Karachi KUH<IH> Pakistan Endemic plants of Gilgit and Baltistan (Pakistan)
Alanko Pentti University of Helsinki H<IH> Finland Ornamental plants; parasitic microfungi; flora of Finland
Alava Reino University of Turku TUR<IH> Finland Vainio Herbarium; biography of E. A. Vainio
Albach Dirk Universität Oldenburg OLD<IH> Germany Systematics of <Veronica>, <Verbascum>, <Tragopogon> and other Plantaginaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Asteraceae
Albán Castillo Joaquina Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Museo de Historia Natural USM<IH> Peru Ethnobotany; floristics
Albano Antonella Università degli Studi di Lecce LEC<IH> Italy Mediterranean flora