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Last Name First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Collection Code Country Research Specialtysort descending
Jae-Seoun Hur Korean Lichen & Allied Bioresource Center KOLABIC
van der Linde Elna Plant Protection Research Institute, National Collection of Fungi PREM<IH>
Hur Sung Korea Marine Microalgae Culture Center KMMCC
Decrouez Danielle Museum d'Histoire Naturelle MHNG
Chaney Henry Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History SBMNH
Park Jaejin Center for Fungal Genetic Resources CFGR
Lim Yong Brassica Resource Bank BRB
Yeon Won Bank of Modified Nucleic Acid Systems BMNAS
Kim Jae-Hoon Citrus Genetic Resources Bank CGRB
EOM Keeseon Parasite Resource Bank PRB
Kim Ki-Joong
Yang Deok-Chun Ginseng Resource Bank GRB
Park Moon Korea Cosmeceutical Material Bank KCMB
Chung Hae Aging Tissue Bank ATB
Jeong Kyoung Arthropods of Medical Importance Resource Bank AMIB
Kang Hyung-Lyun Helicobacter pylori Korean Type Culture Collection HpKTCC
Nemeschkal Hans Zoological Collection, University of Vienna ZC UniVie Austria
Choi Inho Bovine Genome Resources Bank BGRB
Lee Ji-Young Korea Prostate Bank KPB
Steadman David Florida Museum of Natural History- Zoology, Paleontology & Paleobotany UF