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Last Name First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Collection Codesort descending Country Research Specialty
Rodriguez Luis USDA/ARS, Foreign Animal Disease Research Unit FADR VVC USA
Hu Jinguo USDA/ARS, Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) - Plant Germplasm GRIN W6 USA
Kisha Ted W6 USA
West Natalie USDA/ARS, Pest Management Research Unit PMRU WBAC USA
Lippert Jennifer USDA/FS, Willamette National Forest WILLA WILLA USA
Brabant Craig University of Wisconsin - Madison WIS<IH> WIRC USA Aculeate Hymenoptera, especially Mutillidae.
Muñoz-Báguena Xavier XMB Spain Myxomycetes
Gray Stewart USDA/ARS, Emerging Pests and Pathogens Research Unit EPPRU YDYC USA
Simoes Nuno Unidad Académica Yucatán, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UAY-UNAM YUC-CC-255-11 Mexico Dr. Simoes has also been actively collaborating on the biodiversity characterization of the Sisal and Alacranes reefs (crustaceans, echinoderms, cnidarians and opistobranchs) as part of a local effort to update the invertebrate species inventories. He has also participated on the creation of a co-op collective community aiming at the sustainable aquaculture production of marine ornamental species at Sisal, Yucatan, Mexico. Funding for his research programs has come from: DGAPA-UNAM, Mexico; CYTED, Spain; GEF, United Nations; and FCT, Portugal
Yildiz Ismail Van Yüzüncü Yıl University YYUCRC YYUCRC Turkey Taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology of the free living ciliates (Eukarya, Ciliophora)
de Mello Francisco de Assis Instituto de Biociências- UNESP - Botucatu BOTU YYUIRC Brazil Orthoptera Systematics, Biogeography, Acoustics, Evolution.
Schmidt Stefan Bavarian State Collection of Zoology ZSM ZSM-HYM Germany Taxonomy and systematics, evolutionary biology, molecular biology of Symphyta and Chalcidoidea