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Last Namesort ascending First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Collection Code Country Research Specialty
Abbott John Alabama Museum of Natural History ALMNH USA Entomology: Odonata (Dragonflies)
Abbiw Daniel University of Ghana GC<IH> Ghana Ethnobotany
Abbate Giovanna Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza RO<IH> Italy Flora of central Italy; <Rubus>, Rosaceae; threatened vascular flora
Abbasi Mehrdad Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection IRAN<IH> Iran Rust fungi; smut fungi; powdery mildews
Abbas Abdulla Xinjiang University XJU<IH> China Lichens
Abbà Giacinto Civico Museo Archeologico e di Scienze Naturali Federico Eusebio ALB<IH> Italy Flora of Piedmont; Italy
Abazid Daniel Husite Museum Tabor SOB<IH> Czech Republic Flora of Czech Republic; vegetation science; plant ecology
Abang Pawozan Abg. Department of Forestry SAR<IH> Malaysia Flora of Sabah and Sarawak
Abai Mohammad Reza Iran Medical Entomology and Rodentology
Abadzic Sabaheta Zemaljski Muzej Bosne I. Herzegovine SARA<IH> Bosnia and Herzegovina Flora of Bosnia and Herzegovina; systematics
Aas Gregor University of Bayreuth UBT<IH> Germany Dendrology; <Quercus>; Fagaceae; <Salix>; Salicaceae