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Last Name First Name Primary Institutionsort descending Institution Code Collection Code Country Research Specialty
Satasook Chutamas Thailand
Saelao Thidawan Thailand
Housley Lucile USA
Hajkova Petra Czech Republic
Murphy Tracy USA Paleoindian archaeology; SW US material culture; Lithic analysis; Museum colelctions and registrar methodology; Federal museum policy and planning; Archaeological database management
Lebel Daniel Canada
Anest Nichole USA
Jeong Daham Korea
Patil Vinayak India
Vellak Kai Estonia
Susanke Greg USA
Kayser David USA
Wade David USA
Moeseneder Christian Australia
Mergen Patricia Belgium
York Rob USA Effects of management on mixed conifer forests.
Plaisance Laetitia USA
Gage Edward USA Entomology
Labeda David USA Actinobacterial systematics emphasizing the families Streptomycetaceae and Pseudonocardiaceae
Dietl Greg USA