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Last Name First Name Primary Institutionsort descending Institution Code Collection Code Country Research Specialty
Herbert David South Africa Mollusca
Domroskie Jason USA
Cobb Neil USA Biodiversity of Arthropods
Sellanes Javier CBUCN Chile Taxonomy and ecology of bentic invertebrates. Deep sea ecology. Chemosynthetic communities associated to methane seeps.
Gasca Rebeca Mexico
Buckle Donald DJB Canada Spider taxonomy and zoogeography
Muñoz-Báguena Xavier XMB Spain Myxomycetes
Roberts Dawn USA
Caterino Michael USA Coleoptera systematics; Arthropod biodiversity
Neel Maile USA Rare and endangered plants.
Harrup Lara United Kingdom
Totsu Kumiko Japan
ONYIA Christine Nigeria
Michalik Peter Germany
Gonzalez Vallejo Norma Mexico
Cortés-Calva Patricia Mexico
Meyer Christian Switzerland Palaeoeocology, Vertebrate Palaeontology
Rehsteiner Ueli Switzerland
Petrasiunas Andrius Lithuania
Olivera Gonzales Percy Peru Botany, mycology, molecular biology