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Last Name First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Collection Codesort descending Country Research Specialty
Babcock Carolyn Canadian Collection of Fungal Cultures CCFC 26714
David J. CABI Collection IMI<IH> United Kingdom <Alternaria; Cercospora; Cladosporium>; and associated teleomorphs; lichenized fungi
Priest Michael NSW Plant Pathology & Mycology Herbarium DAR<IH>
Gaertner G. Algensammlung am Institut fur Botanik ASIB
Jameson Ian Australian National Algae Culture Collection ANACC
Kapsanaki-Gotsi Evangelia National and Kapodistrian University of Athens ATHUM
Song Ki-Joon Korea Bank for Pathogenic Viruses KBPV
Freire-Fierro Alina Academy of Natural Sciences, Botany Department PH<IH>
Brooke Barbara Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Kamloop, BC ACK<IH>
Lepschi Brendan
Elven Reidar
Peat Helen British Antarctic Survey AAS<IH> United Kingdom Biological data and resources management; herbarium curation
Dardia Charles Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates CUMV
Burzynski Michael Gros Morne National Park GMNP<IH>
Wei Fa-Nan
Margaritescu Simona Royal Ontario Museum - Fungarium TRTC<IH>
Moncalvo Jean-Marc Royal Ontario Museum - Fungarium TRTC<IH>
Solstad Heidi
Phillippe Loy Illinois Natural History Survey ILLS
Lawton Robert University of Alabama, Huntsville (Herbarium) HALA<IH>