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Last Name First Name Primary Institutionsort descending Institution Code Collection Code Country Research Specialty
Elick Rebel Rainforest key
Jakob S. Molecular systematics of <Hordeum>, Poaceae
Ghahremaninejad Farrokh Iran Flora of Iran; Fabaceae, especially <Astragalus>
Salas-Morales Silvia Mexico Zamiaceae
Aguiar Cristiane Brazil Cryptogams
Gump Forest
Dan Lieutenant
Favret Colin Canada Insect systematics and biodiversity
Aguirre-Hudson Begoña United Kingdom lichenised and facultatively lichenised fungi; especially those with pyrenocarpous fruting bodies
Danyliuk Kateryna Ukraine
Saxon Rachel United Kingdom
Early John New Zealand Taxonomy and biology of parasitic Hymenoptera
Heydon Steve USA Pteromalidae of the world, but mostly North America and Chile (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)
Danufsky Tamar USA
Morabito Marina Italy Biology and systematics and molecular phylogenetics of macroalgae, with major interest on Rhodophyta and Chlorophyta; DNA barcoding; non indigenous species; cultivation and cryopreservation of economic species; extraction and evaluation of antimicrobials and anticoagulants.
Kurina Olavi Estonia Systematics, taxonomy and biogeography of Diptera
Taylor Chris USA
Phillips Chris USA
Pavia Marco Italy Vertebrate paleontology in general, paleornithology in particular. Ornithology. Collection policy, increasing and management
Haddad Célio Brazil