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Institutional and Project Collections are those collections associated with a larger Institution but vary based on how they are managed. Institutional Collections are those collections that have been formally accessioned into the Institution and receive some level of institutional support. Project Collections are those that were collected by a researcher associated with an institution but have not been formally accessioned into the institution's collections. Project Collections may eventually become part of the Institutional Collections or remain under the management and control of the individual researchers.

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Collection Code Collection Name Institution Code (IH Code) Institution Name Countrysort descending Status
AHUC Beecher Crampton Collection DAV<IH> UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity USA Active
knwr_herb Herbarium KNWR DOI/FWS, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge USA Active
Herps Herpetology Collection PSU Portland State University, Vertebrate Biology Museum USA Active
Fish Icthyology ALMNH Alabama Museum of Natural History USA Active
UAHC University of Alabama Herpetological Collection UA University of Alabama USA Active
Birds Ornithology - Birds Specimens OMNH Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History USA Active
EGG Egg & Nest CAS California Academy of Sciences USA Active
FDA-CFSAN:Arthropod Reference Collection FDA-CFSAN: Arthropod Reference Collection FDA HHS/FDA USA Active
Amph Amphibian Collection CUMV Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates USA Active
NMU:Ento Northern Michigan University Museum of Zoology, Invertebrate Collection NMU Northern Michigan University USA Active
NCSM-VertPaleo Vertebrate Paleontology NCSM North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences USA Active
Paleo UNM Paleontology UNMES University of New Mexico Earth Science Collections USA Active
Vascular Plants Michigan State University Beal-Darlington Herbarium MSC<IH> Michigan State University USA Active
MIN (for plants and fungi), BMNH (for animals) Plants, Fungi, Animals JFBM James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History USA Active
Mamm Mammal Specimens UMZM University of Montana Zoological Museum USA Active
KUPB Paleobotany Collection KU Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas USA Active
Mamm Sagehen Mammals SCFS University of California-Berkeley, Sagehen Creek Field Station USA Active
IVIC-NeoMapas Colección de Invertebrados de NeoMapas IVIC Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas Venezuela Active Prostate Cancer KPB Korea Prostate Bank Korea Active
phagebank Bacteriophage HUFS The Bacteriophage Bank of Korea Korea Active